Dr Simone Peters

BSc (Psychophysiology) (Hons), Clinical Gut-Directed Hypnotherapist, PhD-Med

Dr Simone Peters was working with Monash University when she became aware of the potential for psychological therapies to improve gastrointestinal symptoms in people with gastrointestinal disorders. She quickly made it her mission to gain greater research insights into this field and completed her PhD examining the role of gut-directed hypnotherapy as a treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. Her data have shown it to be of superior efficacy to that of the low FODMAP diet, the first line dietary therapy applied in routine practice.

Simone has worked in gastrointestinal research for several years exploring the role of gluten on symptoms in people with non-coeliac gluten sensitivity. She was also the first person to develop the methodology for the large-scale isolation of gliadin – the protein responsible for causing the immune-mediated enteropathy in patients with coeliac disease.

Simone has published her work nationally and internationally and has multiple first-author publications in peer-reviewed gastroenterology journals. She is an invited speaker at annual international gastroenterology meetings. Simone was the first gut-directed hypnotherapist to be employed in the public health care system in Australia and runs the Gut-Directed Hypnotherapy Program in Melbourne at the Alfred Hospital Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Clinic.

Simone continues to be heavily involved in advancing medical research and works for Alfred Health and the Monash University FODMAP Research Team.

She is the proud founder of Mind + Gut.

Simone sees adolescents and adults at the Mind + Gut Clinic in St Kilda East, Victoria.